Sunday, March 2, 2014

Sister Allen's Official Call

Hello Everyone!

This is Sister Allen's oldest sister, Charlee. I have been given the assignment of maintaining the blog while Reggie is gone.

I will try to update you on Reggie's status at least once a week. She left in January, so I am about 8 weeks behind. I will update a few times this week to get caught up!

Today's post includes the pictures from the day Reggie opened her call.

The Beautiful Sister Allen and her official call to the Winnipeg Canada Mission:

Grandpa inspecting the call, he confirmed it was legit! 

Sister Allen and her proud parents! (Mom was a little emotional.) 

She may be be a Sister to the rest of the world now, but she better not forget the three real sisters (Nina, Rebekah and Charlee) that love her back at home. We are so happy for her! 

Sister Allen's Dad with his parents, inspecting the call again. 

Grandma and Grandpa are happy to have another missionary! 

She opened her call on her birthday. The best birthday present she could have had. 

She may have been a little emotional, but mom is so happy for Sister Allen. :) 

We also have pictures from the evening she was set apart and from the day she entered the MTC. I will be sure to post them in the next couple of days!